Category: Paintings

In Aesthetica Magazine Issue 74

December 2016/January 2017.


Oil painting, 2016.


In Aesthetica Magazine Issue 73

October/November 2016

The devil's fissure. The devil’s fissure.

Oil painting, 1m-1m, 2016


In Aesthetica Magazine, issue 70, April-May, 2016.

      Personal Landscapes,

group exhibition curated by Stefania Carrozzini

Camden Image Gallery,

London, UK, 25/03 -6/04, 2016.

Vertigo                                                                            Vertigo, 2005.

100cm-70cm Oil painting.


Amsterdam International Art Fair

GAA Exhibition, 28-29 August 2015.

Transformation 2015 - kopie (2)

Oil painting, 60cm-80cm, 2015

Message from the cave.

In Aesthetica Magazine, issue 65, june-july 2015.

message from the cave

 Message from the cave,

oil painting, 1m-1m, 2015.

The wave.

In Aesthetica Magazine, issue 64.

The wave, w-pressThe wave,

Oil painting 1,2m-1m, 2006.


 Spiderweb, 2005

Spiderweb, 2005

In Aesthetica Magazine, issue 68, December/January, 2016.


the first encounter.


Oil painting, 80 cm. 8ocm, 2014.

Agora Gallery , Divergent Realities
October 10 – October 30, 2014


Black needles view.

Oil painting on canvas, 1984.                                      ©Claudia Pombo

A portion of the Black Needles, in the National Park of Itatiaia, is seen in this painting. The fields around it were burned and nature was partially restored. The red bush in it expresses the horror and pain of the living beings, which could not escape neither protect themselves from that disaster.