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Illustrated reflections on contrasts between

New York City and the Amazon Rainforest

New York, pdf


       New York City with its history and United Nations Headquarters in its territory is a political and physical world apart. It is a symbol of a modern world-society, which influences the whole World. And this influence has different and antagonistic aspects. From one side, the political New York is able to spread freedom, justice and human rights at a level which was never experienced before in our World. But, from the other side, this city is an artificial construction which, to stand up, consumes, spoils and destroys a great ammount of natural resources.

     Our world has seen an increasing number of cities growing in the physical model of New York. These  highly populated areas are made of concrete, stain, glass, plastic and other human designed materials. To copy New York, these cities needed and still need more and more natural resources to support  their physical and psychological functionality. Due to the dimensions of our planet and limited resources in it, in spite of its important role in our modern world, this city cannot be taken as a generalized model for urban development.

      Contrasting deeply with New York, the Amazon Rainforest is a natural product. It is more than 50  millions years old and therefore much  older than  humankind. It is auto-sustainable, bio and clean.  Peoples and human cultures, which were born there much later, aged in equilibrium with the forest and learned its lessons of auto-sustainability. But nowadays the Amazon  Rainforest  is being burned and expected to be extensively drowned soon.  The idea from outsiders is to explore its resources by destroying it, because it does not fit with the modern model of human settlement. The old and green Amazon region is expected to feed, in a physical sense, our dreams of new trends of World.

     There are deep contrasts between New York and the Amazon Rainforest. The first is mainly a result from the modern knowledge and  science and the other from Nature’s evolution. Both are in danger. But the situations and their causes are different. What is the primary cause of threat to Amazon Rainforest, with the disrespect for its cultures and original inhabitants? Is it the existence of bulldozers which cut the trees, or the real existence of inspirations and ideas which design, build and use them? If we think about this question we may conclude that New York City lacks Amazonian education.

     If  the Amazon Rainforest, the green ocean of our planet, is left without protection to disappear, we will  not have  the  time  to  realize  that the knowledge we call `science’ was  not able to explain us the most basic principles of  surviving as species.