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Oil painting on canvas, 2004.     ©Claudia Pombo

The big nuclear chimney is a modern version of the old alchemist pan.  For the alchemists, transformation of matter, in a nuclear level, was a dream. For us this is a daily event. The problem is to know if what we can do nowadays, in scientific terms,  is better of not for us, who are a mix of scientific minds,  old dreams, natural bodies and many other physical and not physical things and processes.

Above one can see an upset pollard willow tree,  being pressed by a `nuclear dream’ .


Oil painting on canvas, 2007.                                                                                                           ©Claudia Pombo


Watercolor, 2004 ©Claudia Pombo

Yes, broken and divided. But still united by her soul.

Watercolor, 2005 ©Claudia Pombo

This bouquet of red callas is also named Bert’s bouquet.

Oil painting on canvas, 2005                                ©Claudia Pombo

During a certain night, magnolias were seen in the backyard, absorbing light from the moon.

Red flowers.

Watercolor, 40cm-60cm, 2005.   ©Claudia Pombo

Just a bouquet of red flowers in a blue pot, seen on the table.


©Claudia Pombo

Watercolor 25cm-25cm, 2006.

Solitude is loneliness. Sadness, cold of the marble, the colors of the cave, where she is hiding her soul.

©Claudia Pombo

Oil painting on canvas, 80cm-100cm, 2006.

Nature is full of contrasts. I stopped to look at these waters, in the middle of my way.

©Claudia Pombo

Oil painting and mixed media 25cm-50cm, 2007.

Deep inside the skin we can see the material we are made of.


0- capim

©Claudia Pombo

Oil painting, 2004.

This green grass was found growing near a bridge in Amsterdam.